icoon_commissieCode of the Dutch Pension Funds

The Code of the Dutch Pension Funds was developed by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds and the Labour Foundation [Stichting van de Arbeid], and establishes set standards for ‘good pension fund governance’. Currently, the level of public interest in pension funds is making it essential for them to pay more attention to their standards of governance. Endeavours to optimise the quality of pension fund governance must be made more transparent by pension funds. As far as the pension funds are concerned, this Code replaces the Principles of Good Pension Fund Governance, which the Labour Foundation published in 2005.

The Code does not exist in isolation but forms part of the entire system of existing legislation and regulations. In addition, the recommendations, covenants and Codes of the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds and the Labour Foundation give direction to the concept of governance: what does good pension fund governance entail and how do those involved supervise this?

The Code came into effect on 1 January 2014. In 2016 the Code was amended twice. The updated version of the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds (January 30th, 2017) is also available in English.

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